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Jacques - Transversal Electro live set + Workshop

Using the sounds of everyday, banal life and synths to forge techno.


One part theatrical and two parts good listening, Jacques’ live sets compose electronic music to make normal and strange people dance together. He finds beauty hidden in the sound of everyday objects and brings them to stage for a recorded performance. A bicycle wheel, electric fan, or even a watering hose turn into beats that get you dancing. Coupled with the keyboard and guitar, Jacques’ sets are just as fun to watch as they are to listen.

In his luggage, he will be carrying different objects to make sound. We invite you to bring some as well that he could use for his live set! In the meantime, listen to his last music singing in chinese "Dans la radio (电台以内)".

Jacques -Phonochose Live-looping à l'Amour_腾讯视频

Jacques -Phonochose Live - looping à l’Amour

Performer Jacques Auberger

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